Hi. We are Newton, a creative agency, based in Athens.
In science, Newton is a unit of force.
In our minds, this force is attraction.

We believe in bringing things closer to each other.
The brand to its audience.
Strategic thinking to creative ideas.
And creative ideas to true results.

We like to unite talents from diverse disciplines and produce
communication that is free of barriers.
To create experiences that imprint active memories.
To fight the clichés and generate original content that is truly magnetizing.

We are committed to infuse the power of attraction into everything we do. Physical attraction, digital attraction and everything in between.


We create experiences in all sizes, shapes and colours. Physical, Digital and Hybrid. Personal and social. High tech and low tech. From concept to design to implementation. Taking care of every nasty, little detail along the way.

Corporate Events. Consumer Events.
Conferences. Brand Environments.
Roadshows. Trade Show Presence


It may be a logo for a techy start-up or a corporate environmental campaign. We may use words, images, numbers or even sounds. But in all cases, we create a powerful message, which our audience relates to. And a powerful message is always a good idea.

Corporate Identity. Digital Campaigns.
ATL Campaigns. Internal Comms.
Ambient Media. Spatial Branding


Our content may be inspiring or educational or entertaining or all of the above. The medium and the format may change, but one thing always remains the same. Every piece of content we produce has an engaging story to tell.

Videos. Web & Mobile Applications.
Infographics. Social Media Posts.
Articles. Interactive Games